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Master Lock


This lock cannot be cut with bolt cutters. The shaft of the lock is made from Boron and shielded by the body of the lock.


Prepare for storage


Blankets, draperies, and clothing - Its best to have all your, draperies, blankets and off-season clothing cleaned before packing them on hangers in a wardrobe box.


We recommend laying books flat, standing on end  may cause damage to the spines. Books are heavy, don't pack too many into a single box or mix them with fragile items.


Lawn mowers - Always drain gasoline and oil from small engines.


Mirrors, pictures - Store large ones in specially designed boxes, smaller pictures can be wrapped in bubble wrap or packing paper and stored in boxes with your other soft items.


Leather (clothes and furniture) - Treat leather valuables with a leather conditioner and protect them with plastic covers prior to storing. Keep all leather items off the floor.


Mattresses - Plastic should be used to protect mattresses and furniture.


Furniture and Tables - Disassemble your tables to conserve storage space. Use furniture pads to protect tabletops from stains and scratches. Protect the legs with packing paper. Tape the wrap on table legs.


Photos - Old photographs may curl over time, place them between acid free paper to keep them flat and protected. Never store irreplaceable photos in your unit. Negatives should not be stored.


Get Organized !

  • Place heavy furniture, boxes at the bottom

  • Buy specially designed boxes for mirrors or pictures

  • In your unit leave a few inches between items to allow ventilation

  • Load the unit with the items you are least likely to need first

  • Place cartons labels listing their contents so they can be easily seen.

  • Frequently accessed boxes need to be at the front of the storage unit.

  • Slide locking latch and lock your storage unit when leaving.

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